Canadian Mastiff Club

Rescue Policy

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CMC Rescue Policy

CMC Rescue Policy

The Canadian Mastiff Club will assist with matching available Mastiffs with adopters. We do not take rescue animals into our own homes on behalf of the club, nor do we have a shelter facility available for our use. We do not charge an adoption fee. Available dogs that have not yet been spayed or neutered will need to undergo this procedure before adoption and the cost will be the responsibility of the adopter.

At this time there are two Rescue Coordinators. One covers western Canada (BC to MB) and the other covers the remainder of eastern Canada. Information about available dogs will be posted on the Canadian Mastiff Club website.

The Canadian Mastiff Club will also assist with re-homing Mastiff mixes. However, financial assistance will only be given to help those dogs considered to be purebred Mastiffs. We are not able to assist in re-homing any dog with a bite history towards people. We strongly encourage breeders to take responsibility for puppies/dogs they have produced by facilitating and assisting with rescue and re-homing.


Duties of Rescue Coordinators:

  • To respond to phone and email inquiries regarding rescue
  • To screen and educate potential adopters
  • To keep a list of potential adopters
  • Gather information about available dogs and request that it be posted on the CMC website. Information may also posted on the CMC Facebook page and Kijiji
  • Notify those on the adoption list of any available dogs
  • When possible, coordinators will attempt to contact the breeder of an available Mastiff for assistance with re-homing
  • Encourage successful adopters to make a donation to rescue and to join the Canadian Mastiff Club
  • Carry out their rescue duties in a professional manner

Rescue Coordinator Guidelines:

  • Rescue Coordinators must be either regular members or resident life members in good standing
  • Rescue Coordinators do not receive any remuneration for the time they devote to rescue activities
  • Rescue Coordinators must get prior approval from the CMC executive for any rescue expenditures.
  • Rescue Coordinators can submit personal expense claims to the treasurer for: long distance phone charges for rescue calls and mileage expenses at one half of the government rate in situations where the rescue coordinator must see the dog in person for an evaluation etc. All volunteers will attempt to keep expenses to a minimum.

 Updated March 7, 2011